About Lisa Publicover

Lisa Publicover has been practicing interior design in the Annapolis area for over 20 years. Following a successful career as vice president of design for a large Annapolis-based firm, she launched Lisa Publicover Interior Design in 2009.

Lisa wanted to create a design firm with a fresh approach. Getting to know her clients, their families, and how they live is integral to creating design that is comfortable and inviting. “Good design is not only beautiful, but also enhances the quality of everyday life,” explains Lisa. “My goal is for my clients to feel happy to be home every time they walk through their front door.”

Whether the style is traditional, transitional, coastal, or contemporary, the design should be timeless and classic, one that, according to Lisa, reflects the vision of her client. “I am often asked what my design style is, and my answer has always been that it isn’t important what my personal style is. It is not about my style; it is about yours.”

For LPID, communication and collaboration are everything, first and foremost between client and designer, as well as with all the other professionals involved in a project. A true team effort, with the designer, architect, and builder working together, will guarantee that the client gets the house of their dreams on time and on budget.